Thursday, August 18, 2011

Illustration Friday- Swell

It's a bit late in the week, but still Thursday, so here is this week's Illustration Friday: Swell.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bridal Shower

I have recently been reminded that I have not been blogging lately! It's nice to know that someone noticed, and so here is a set of images that I actually did back in June, that tells the story of a very extravagant Bridal shower I was a part of(I'm one of the bridesmaids...). To be honest, I wouldn't say it's my best work, it's really just a set of sketches, but there are elements to it that I like. It could be worth reworking with more details and a little rearranging.(Part two of this series may be called "the Stagette")
I was talking to my friend Keira, a fellow blogger and we were talking about how it's hard to maintain a former habit when your life gets uprooted. In the last 4 months we have both moved and despite our schedules allowing freedom, somehow the groove of blogging has been worn away and I'd like to get it back. Anyways, here is a set that has long been waiting to be posted:

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