Saturday, April 25, 2009

"No, I don't think so."

I drew this piece today as well, and I have become very fond of the character on the right. I find that I struggle with backgrounds, in part because the background is less significant to me than the dialogue between antagonists, even if it can add to it.

"Discrimination is a big issue for Suzie, most people can't look past the hammer."

I drew this with an ink pen on paper today. Sometimes these images come out of me, and I'm not sure why until after when I think about it, and then I can in some way relate it back to things that I've observed or been reading. A good friend just gave me a book by Edward Gorey and I was reading through it last night before I went to bed. I'd say to some extent he influenced my drawing today (that and I just bought a new ink pen.) I love Edward Gorey's work, and find him inspiring and delightful because he almost exclusively produces pen and ink drawings. He's made his mark with ink drawings that are typically smaller than a normal 8.5 by 11 page, which I find impressive. Also most of his work is so wonderfully original and contains such engaging tongue-in-cheek bits that it is very enjoyable. For anyone who likes ink drawings with odd characters, and humorous captions that border on the dark side, then check out Gorey.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just finished this painting tonight, and I'm rather pleased with it. It first began as solely an ink painting during a morning Church service where there was an exploration into art as an act of worship. The image was originally based from a sketch I had done several years ago, and finally has come to life with a pink background. I think it's an expression of freedom and surrender. It makes me feel good, like there's something right about it--I'm not sure if other people will read it in the same way, so I'll be interested in any comments.
It was made with ink washes, and then acrylic paint for the pink, and small areas of white acrylic for touch ups. Dimensions are 18 by 24 inches.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a recent painting I painted about a week ago. It is an ink and watercolour abstract painting. I didn't quite get the lighting right when I photographed it, so it isn't 100 percent true to the colours, it's a little darker in this image than the real thing. There is a flow to it that I enjoy. I'm told that it looks like a squid is in the middle at the top- but I shouldn't have said that because of the power of suggestion, now that's all you will see...

My first Blog post!

After careful consideration I decided to get myself out there blogging style. So... here I am, welcome everyone who have found their way to Julia's Art Mark. I feel as though I should have more to say for my first official art blogger post, but I'll see how things go, and try to post new things regularly.
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