Sunday, October 24, 2010


#47 Impatient Monsters - Made with Markers and wash, and pen and ink.

#50 Green Hand - Made with Markers and water wash, with pen and ink.

#51 Freedom - Lino Cut print

I went to an art education workshop on Friday, and made this lino cut print at Martha Street Studios. Martha Street Studios is a printmaking studio that exists as a gallery, studio, and place for community members to make use of it's facilities - they run workshops regularly for adults and also have high school programming and programs for youths. It was nice to finally see this place, because I've been eyeing workshops with them for a while.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky-Ilustration Friday

Marker wash with pen and ink collage. It makes me happy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ink Drawing

This one is part of character development for my Illustration class.


I've still been progressing with my art-a-day project. It does take some stamina and devotion to maintain an image a day, but so far am really enjoying it.

#38 Rain Protection

#45 Untitled

Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft Sale

Once again this year I am a part of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft Sale coming up on Saturday, November 27.
There was an amazing turnout of people last year, which was great for many reasons- because it is a fundraiser for a Women's co-op in Nepal, and for vendors it was a really great day with a lot of interested customers. There were loads of fantastic vendors last year selling art, hats, jewelery, and many other hand-made items. I only participate in few craft shows all year, and this is one I'm happy to be a part of. There is a new website this year which will be up and running by this Friday.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mixed Media, Vegas, and Colour

It feels like ages since I last posted because I've been so busy the last few weeks with moving, going to Vegas, and lots of other life-filling things. I'll have to be more on the ball with posting, and will try not to fall behind in scanning images. I was on a roll last week with collage drawing/paintings. They were fun to do. I also started a Children's book Illustration course two weeks ago. I'm excited about it, but I'm not used to getting graded on my art anymore. I was honestly more than happy to leave grades behind when I finished my degree several years ago. I had a little flicker of fear during my first class when I realized I'd be getting marked on my images. It can be good to be reminded of that, especially as an art teacher. Here are some of my images from the past couple weeks, some of them inspired during a weekend jaunt to Vegas for a friend's wedding.

# 23 Violin Man

#24 I remember Iceland.


#26 Blue Dress

#27 Handgun

#29 A Visit to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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