Thursday, June 6, 2013

Batik:wax resist painting

I have fallen for a new art medium: Batiking. Batiking is a wax resist method of painting on fabric. I learned how to batik last year just by doing some research, and watching a few youtube videos. Once you have the right supplies, the process is somewhat soothing. I paint hot wax onto a stretched piece of cotton, and then paint with fabric dye onto the fabric. Whereever the wax is the dye cannot go. After the first layer is done I iron off the wax and then apply a new set of wax to the areas I painted, and the process continues like that until I'm satisfied that it is finished. There is a definate process but applying either the wax or the dye is a relaxing, calming process for me. I was sort of antsy all night last night until I started a new batik and sudddenly I had found some peace. I've also tried a dip bath for the batik instead of painting it on which requires a bit more thinking to make sure that all the layers of colours will together properly. Here is my first batik ever. It was using dye baths. The top piece shown was on display at the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library this past fall. The second piece is another batik that I made this padt winter. I have had a few problems with my computer the last little while so I haven't been able to post pictures, but I may be closer to getting that problem resolved.
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