Friday, March 5, 2010

Illustration Friday-Brave

This turned into a reflection on having children. I do feel that having a child takes some courage, particularly for the mother. I am far away from that point in my life, so perhaps the influence on this piece was a good friend of mine who recently gave birth to a lovely little girl, and stepped full-fledged into motherhood.


  1. I'm enjoying looking at your pictures with their patterns. I always really like seeing what other people do with pen and ink (my absolute favorite medium)!

    As far as having children, courage yes, but it's pretty darned easy to get pregnant, and a whole lot of this world's population just has parenthood thrust upon them, ready or not.

  2. Yes, I agree fully that people step into parenthood ready or not, brave or afraid, but it's still a choice they made, and in order to complete that choice successfully they need a least a little bravery(either for actually birthing someone, or parenting them).

  3. I loves your stork.
    I've been married almost 9 years and still no kids... birthing babies terrifies me for a multitude of reasons.


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