Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello, You.

A silly little watercolour painting I did tonight. I'm thinking about adding some text to it, as I think he needs an explanation. I was in a bit of a mood tonight, I'm not entirely sure why. I came home after my long drive from work and suddenly was a little bit grumpy. I decided the best cure for grumpiness is to paint. I wanted to paint something that was happy. Strange perhaps that for some people painting something "happy" may include flowers or sunsets or something else that is generally accepted as a happy component, but for me today, this meant painting a smiling blue creature who is wearing red boots.
I recently picked up some new watercolour paper, and just to feel it makes me feel good, it feels a little like fabric. There is some nice tooth to it, but is still very smooth. I used to only do watercolour painting on cold pressed block paper, but it is nice to try out different paper and get a feel for it.

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