Saturday, June 12, 2010

Illustration Friday-Ripple

Today's Illustration Friday topic is ripple. The illustrations are for sale in order to promote the cause to help the marine life suffering from the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Through the website small original artworks are made available for a $10 donation. These donations are made to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center. If you make a donation, and send the confirmation to Kelly, the artist will mail the cards to you.

A quote from Kelly Light, the ripplesketches organizer:
"It's hard to make ripples in oil soaked water. But throw enough stones and you will!

It's not about the politics or the corporation. It's about the animals. It's about not feeling helpless in the face of an overwhelming disaster. We're illustrators. We don't lose touch with that kid inside who marvels at the creatures who swim below and fly above the sea. We draw them. We are inspired by them. We need to help them.

The Ripple blog was started on the 45th day of the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe. The oil spill in the Gulf is now over 50 days old with no sign of stopping. We may be too small as individuals to do some grand gesture- but together our small gestures can be grand."

I just emailed my submissions right now, so it may take a day for them to be up on the ripplesketch blog.


  1. great to meet you and wonderful work for a great cause

  2. Great job Julia, I especially like the patterns and colors of the 1st one. Kudos for participating in the project!


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