Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Illustration Friday-Resolutions

This week's Illustration Friday challenge is Resolutions. Here are some of mine. I regularly create new resolutions for myself, about twice a year, sometimes more even, and usually I categorize my life so that I can achieve my goals professionally, spiritually, and in life in general. This one got all mixed together. My scanner is slightly smaller than my sketchbook, so a few items got clipped off in the scanning process. I think I could have refined the colour palette a lot more...but oh well, I can add that to my list.

Also, I was given a waterbrush pen for Christmas, which is just a great artist tool! I used it on the above drawing. It's a paintbrush that doesn't need to be dipped in water because the inside is filled up with water and the water comes out of the bristles. I tried one when I was in London, and it is perfect for traveling because you don't need to worry about anything to dip your brush in.
Here is a picture of it that I stole off of http://www.scribblers.co.uk/acatalog/Pentel_Brush_Pens.html

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