Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craft on the Loose!

I have been accepted as a participant in Craft on the Loose, which is an event hosted here in Winnipeg by the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library. The goal of the exhibit "is to adorn an outdoor space with works of craft, to celebrate local craft and craftspeople, and the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library." Wayward craft items will be placed or hung along Corydon Avenue and will be displayed for a three week period. I'm kind of stoked to have something I make out as a public display. I am really looking forward to seeing what other crafters have come up with. For some reason there is a little apprehension on my part that somehow people won't appreciate what's out there that they won't "get it"... Really I should have much more faith in my fellow Winnipegers to believe that they could come up with some great things to exhibit that will at least make corydon pedestrians smile.

I did a search for knitting art and found this pretty fantastic tree cozy. Also I would say that it's worth an image search for Yarn Bombing, there's some great collaborative work out there.

Here is a brief article on guerrilla knitting: http://flickamag.com/fashion-and-gear/knit-grafitti-guerilla-knitting/
Also this doily covered tree is rather striking and lovely, made by Canadian Crafter Wooly Fabulous

Oh yes, and here's a preview for what I will be displaying. This is only a sketch of my plan. I am embroidering a fabric lantern that will be hung along the avenue. I'm happy with how it's turning out so far. I'll post more details about the event at another date.

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