Friday, August 7, 2009

Nog a Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psyckedooolia Book

I recently purchased the book Nog a Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psyckedooolia. It is a contemporary art book made up of reproductions of extra mini art books put out by a variety of Canadian artists mainly based out of Vancouver. The book includes drawings, paintings, text-drawing-combos and parts of it that border on comic or graphic novel. All in all, I enjoy this book. Because it is made up of previously published works, there isn't a true kind of flow to it other than that it follows a somewhat doodle-based drawing order. The original works were put out over a span of 10 years up to 2005, with the peices included in the book becoming a great collaborative work full of strange characters, funny artistic interventions, and bizarre combinations of text, image and ideas. It was edited by Marc Bell, a Canadian self-publishing cartioonist who has tried to represent works that were not published previously other than in the original 5" by 4 1/4" format. This book is definatly worth the $25.oo retail price. It is entertaining to look at, to read, and just to take in the sheer oddities that more than 15 artists have contributed to.

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