Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Persepolis-Graphic Novel by Marjane Satrapi

I picked up the book Persepolis last week at McNally. Wrapped in plastic, what I didn't realize at the time of purchase was that it is a graphic novel. I got it home, and thinking it was a regular kind of memoir I took the plastic off, opened it up and in dismay realized it is a graphic novel (I normally don't have the patience for graphic novels, the pictures slow me down, and I can get annoyed at all the speech bubbles) BUT this book is really good, and has changed my mind about the whole genre of graphic novels. Persepolis is the story of an Iranian girl growing up during the 1979 Iranian revolution, whose family history and personal experiences are intertwined with major events in the country. Satrapi explains what it was like to grow up with Marxist parents during a time when Islamic fundamentalists were taking over the country, and when Iraq was bombing her neighbourhood. She tells her story with humour, honesty, and drawings which only serve to enhance the story. Her book is interesting because it took me into the reality of another time, and another country that was undergoing major political and social events, but still manages to give the sense of childhood and the acceptance that people must have for the circumstances they are in. I am told that Persepolis has been made into a movie, which I now must see. As well there is now Persepolis 2 which was just released recently.
Here is a link to more about the book, as well as further pictures from inside the pages:
Here is a link to the trailer for the Movie:

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