Saturday, December 11, 2010

Collage Drawings!

# 97 Take Flight Collage Drawing with marker wash.

#99 Lost and Alone in the City. Collage Drawing with marker wash.

I realized I really like the idea of incorporating text into my drawings. It's interesting cutting up other people's words, rearranging them, and making them a part of something that I make. It's also interesting searching for books whose purpose will be to cut them up. The local MCC book/Cafe Sam's Place by my house has a great selection of old, strange and discarded books, and all for a very low price. It's funny how with some collages when I finish them, not only do I like to look at them, but I like to touch the texture of collage pieces over the rest of the drawing. That makes me happy.

My friend Sarah is insisting that I start writing children's book with found text. I like the idea, and am considering it. I feel like it would have to be a series of short stories, that might fit my way of working a lot better.

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  1. I used to be obsessed with found poems. I wrote some surprisingly coherent, even slightly prophetic stuff! I think you should definitely try the children's book.


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