Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I am pleased to announce that my sketchbook has made it to Brooklyn!! I submitted a sketchbook for ArtHouse coops 2011 sketchbook project. I have mentioned this project previously on the blog, and now the sketchbook has actually made it all the way to Booklyn where it will be catalogued and then it gets to travel the united states for about six months stopping at art galleries in Texas, Washington, Florida,California, Georgia, Illinois, and Maine.

It was a little sad for me to send it away and probably never see it again. However, it was also exciting for me to send my drawings away somewhere for strangers to look at.
The sketchbook project takes small moleskin sketchbooks from artists around the world (an astonishing 28838 artists were involved this year!) The sketchbooks tour galleries as a travelling exhitbit where people can take out my sketchbook as though it were a library book. At the end of the tour it will end up in Brooklyn where it will be a part of a permanent sketchbook library.
I have posted many of the drawings from the sketchbook on the blog over the past few months, but I felt the need to document the sketchbook before saying goodbye to it for good, so I did take a video of all the pages, and haven't decided yet if I should edit and upload it to youtube. I treated my sketchbook as a form of a visual jounal, and actually managed to keep my drawings all more or less in the same style throughout. It was a challenge to stick with a theme the whole sketchbook, but it was very satisfying in the end.
check out Art House coop and their other projects they have going on:

Oh and I had forgotten to actually promote my own website on my blog!
My online portfolio is up and running, though could still use a few tweeks perhaps.


  1. Hi Julia! First off, I love your Lonely Blob Meets a Lady Art Print you're selling at Etsy. My best friend just love collecting painting and art of any sorts. Anyway, congratulations on making to Brooklyn! I bet you really got a great talent in graphic design as well. Where is the first stop of the ArtHouse tour? I'll be staying in Memphis, TN for a while, so I'm really wishing to attend the project.

  2. Thanks for the compliments! The sketchbooks are first on display in Brooklyn, and then the next stop is Texas, Maine, and then Atlanta, Washington D.C, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and finally Florida. Sorry, I don't think it's going through Tennessee.


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