Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is Gocco?

I have been purusing Etsy, as is normal for me at any time of the day, and I have been coming accross these artpieces called Gocco prints. I didn't know what a Gocco was, so I looked it up, and now really want to buy one! Gocco is a simple, easy and compact printing system that originated in Japan. It allows users to create multiple card-size prints without re-inking.

The prints shown above are by artist Olivia Jeffries who regularly re-uses paper in her art-making process. Visit her etsy shop called Restless Things, and I'm sure you'll appreciate her somewhat delicate and subtle hues that her drawings and prints have.
I found a site called save gocco, as the company who was manufacturing it had decided to stop making it and there was a surge of Gocco users who petitioned to keep up the gocco production. Unfortunately, my research has told me that they have closed the doors to production in 2009 which means that Gocco supplies will be hard to come by. I may try to find one on Ebay...

Here is a link to a Gocco tutorial video, which explains how the system works.

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