Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New studio Space!

I have nearly finished organizing my new studio space. It is a more spacious room, and has some great sunlight, I'm looking forward to creating in here. I'm still not used to it though, even though the desks are arranged in basically the same way, it doesn't feel as cozy as it did. I didn't show you the other part of the room which still has an assortment of items to be moved somewhere else.
Also the apple tree out front, which is in direct view from my studio window is blooming like mad! The blossoms have taken over the tree, which means that the apples once grown in will probably weigh the tree down quite a bit. To stand under the tree you can hear a steady buzzing sound from all the bees that are pollenating the flowers.


  1. Timmy's coffee. Living houseplants. Sewing machine. Cluttered desk. Yay!

  2. It looks delightful! Especially the blossoming tree.
    But what I really wanted to say was: omigoodness! I love your quilting bee! He's frakking adorable! I want to adopt him and make him breakfast and sit on a porch swing together remarking on the weather.

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the quilting bee! Do you think he might be better with colour? I have been considering adding colour to the drawing-I think it would improve it.

  4. Well, I am a sucker for black and white but it might look good with colour that isn't super saturated - more antique shades, if that makes sense? Then again, bold colours might look striking too . . . this is why YOU are the artist, not me! : )

  5. I was thinking the same thing about colour, that's part of the reason I didn't colour it yet, because I was worried the colour would be too much or I would choose something a little too bold.


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