Friday, May 14, 2010

An Old Recognized Favourite

"Often I am amused by my own idiotically tough will to live. I spit, choke, shove, crowd through in order to have success. But I would squeeze through all the sewers of the world, through all forms of debasement and defilement just in order to paint. I must do that. Down to the last drop all my imagination of living forms must be squeezed out of me, then it will be a pleasure to get rid of this damned torture."

Max Beckman, April 21st, 1915. From the Library of Great Painters: Max Beckman by Stephan Lackner.

I am cleaning my studio space which has just recently moved rooms in my house, and is still quite disorderly. The benefits to cleaning is that you can find things that were long forgotten. I found this quote that I had written down probably 5 years ago. I love it when you can find an artist that you love not only for their paintings, but also for their true conviction as an artist.

Image is a self portrait of Beckmann. Taken from:

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