Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Winnipeg Folk Fest

Another Folk Fest is over. It was a great weekend filled with music, semi-hippies, tarp squatting, friends, and good food. This year I was lucky enough to be accepted as an artist for the Prairie Outdoor Exhibit. I painted some lockboxes for one of the stages prior to the festival starting. This got me a backstage pass for the weekend, so I got to join all the other festival volunteers in some of the perks of volunteering.

Here are a few highlights related specifically to the music:
Andrew Bird playing the closing night, and as was expected, made wonderful,beautiful music, and continues to amaze me.
Ghostkeeper played a nice set and really reminded me of an acoustic version of Bahamas. It was just a solo act, the rest of the band wasn't there which disapointed me-and may be why he reminded me of Bahamas, because with the whole band they don't really have that sound.
Greg MacPherson played with a lot of heart, and really sticks out in my mind.
Luluc-I didn't get to their concert, but saw them play a workshop with Devon Sproule and Romi Mayes, and also they played a Tweener act one night. They have a gentle, lovely sound.

And there are many others....

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