Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henrique Oliveira-Artist

I came accross these photos of an artist named Henrique Oliveira. His work is stunning. He is a Brazilian artist who takes discarded, decaying fences that are commonplace in Sao Paulo, and puts them together in the form of abstract, three dimentional works. Apparently the colours found in his peices are original colours with how he found the wood. They remind me slightly of some kind of combination of Richard Serra and John Chamberlain in the sense that his work is monumental in size, colourful, abstract and made of materials that were once something else. A much more natural form than either of those two artists, and clearly very different and distinct from them, but somehow they come to mind when looking at pictures of his work.
This site link to Totonko: filtro de diseno is in Spanish(but there is an English "swtich") and the pictures are arranged well, which is where I stole the above images from.
Also here is Oliveira's webpage:
He also paints, but in my opinion, his three dimentional work is far greater than his paintings.
I wish I could see it in person!

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  1. That actually looks a lot like the paper that hornets make!


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