Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Share Some Candy

I decided I need to start looking at other art blogs, so that I can be inspired, and maybe actually be a part of the larger blogging community. The nice thing about searching for blogs is that they are EVERYWHERE! I don't have to look very far to find a blog that has something that interests me.
Today's search has brought me to a site called Share some Candy. I have included some screen shots of the home page. The site is filled with images and low amounts of text, which is nice because you can just scroll down, look at images, and not worry about reading anything when all you want to do is look at art. It is fairly low on clutter, which also makes it easy to look at. It is a site maintained by several contributors, and is broken down into a great span of art, design, illustration, graffiti, logos, objects, packaging, photography, sculpture, video, typograpy, furniture, and architecture. The sculpture section in particular made me excited.

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