Friday, July 24, 2009

Jodi Hoover- Artist/Ilustrator

I found this site for an artist/illustrator named Jodi Hoover. She doesn't have an enormous amount of pictures of her work posted, but what is posted has really lovely qualities, characters and colours. Here are a couple of screen shots from her site which I also quite like the look of. The layout itself is very straight forward. It is very accessible with no need at all to scroll down (which is especially nice, given my small macbook screen size.)
and she is also on etsy(but when I went to her shop, she was all sold out...)


  1. Too funny- I was just wasting some time this afternoon at work, googled myself (because let's face it- we all do it sometimes...) and this popped up. Thank you for your lovely words.

    I'm currently in grad school to get a Masters in Library Science and despite my best efforts, my studio and Etsy shop have been neglected. I hope to have the shop re-stocked within the next couple of weeks!

    Thanks again- Jodi

    PS- in the links section you can get to my Picasa site. There you will find artwork images going back to 2002. My website was designed by my good friend Eric Sams:

  2. Yeah, that's funny, I only posted this early in the morning last night. :)


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